Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wandering in Manhatten

Wandered around lower Manhatten intending to go to Ellis Island but the line was two hours so instead I went into the Museum of the American Indian which had a spectavular show of Native American women's clothing. This kind of presentation always makes me feel like I'm inchurch, the awe I feel for the beauty and commitment to identity inherent in their artifacts. It seemed like a fitting replacement for not getting to Ellis Island.
My family seems to have been here for a very long time and i am infact one of the white anglo saxon protestant priveleged "elite". I have never felt elite nor have I felt comfortable identifying with those who do. That I have had incredible privleges as a consequrence of the various coincidnces of my family life is an understatement. I have tended to feel I had almost everything but money and I would have benefit from a bit more attention from my parents at critical times but that's all a matter of varioius scars and sorrows under the bridge by now. My goal has always been to share the riches I have gained and I have not always known the best way to do that since those riches reside mostly in my knowlege and experience. I suppose I should still try to be a school teacher. They always need them in the inner city and i have a son now doing that more or less successfully. Something to think about. Tomorrow we fly to Cairo.

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