Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Headed to Upper Egypt in forty five minutes or so. Another astounding day wandering in the Citadel, Mohammed Ali mosque and a tour of an ayeesh baladi bakery, the second oldest mosque that lets people up in the minaret. And then running into a charming man who spoke good english and took us to some back alley work shops where they were making inlaid boxes. Earlier stumbled into the street of tent makers with even better quality craftsmanship. Tawfik took us to an "Egyptian Pizza" restaraunt. It was good as far as I'm concerned. Every day seems better than the last. I really do have to come back. I guess I'm happier here because I assume any misfortune is due to my own ignorance for the most part. It's not like home and I'm not sure I know anyone else who would enjoy such a loud, dirty, vibrant and exhuberant place. One foot in the ancient world and one in tomorrow. What could be better?

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