Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting Warmer

Jesse called me this evening and told me he'd made reservations at the Windsor Hotel which was once the baths for the royal family when it was built a hundred years ago.

When I went to Egypt in 1957 we stayed at a pension called Morland House from the same era, so I am looking forward to it. This hotel is only a few blocks from where the other one stood. When I was last there in 1976 they had just finished tearing down Moreland House and Mrs Scarzella was running Garden City House which was built directly across the street while I was there as a child.

Recently I edited some of the pictures my mother took while we were there in 1957 and I'll begin adding them to this record to show the difference between when I was there as a child and the present time. Above is a picture my mother took of me and of the Scarzella family at Moreland House.

I am finally beginning to get some feeling of excitement and anticipation. I look forward to leaving the agonies and the source of the agonies that have plagued me since last summer. They'll be here when I return anyway. So for the moment I may as well enjoy the moment. I'm looking forward to some Raki or some absinthe. I could use a break from reality about now.

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