Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trying to learn to function on the go. Of course my own computer won't access the wireless network at my son's apartment but they are generous to let me use their computers while I figure it out. Working on someone elses computer feels like wearing someone elses clothes these days, my own system gets so personalized that I am lost on someone elses.
Got out of the terminal last night in 45 degree weather dressed for Egypt. Greetings at Jesse's from his girlfriend Chi and my youngest son Philip. Good family cocoon mood of familiarity. I am out of my element and trying to make sure I remain up right. His cat Punch (of Punch and Judy fame) is the Orson Wells of Cats. He lays on the floor sprawled with his legs sideways and hangs his head over the bowl to laconically sip water from the edge of the dish. Judy stays safely at a distance and is merely half the size of her brother.
Now to figure out how to make my computer more wireless friendly way from home...and to find breakfast in Brooklyn.

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