Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It was probably a mistake on my part or an experience I wanted to have but something I should have known better than to dabble in but I went back to Soi Cowboy tonight thinking I would just have a beer and hang out for a while. The problem for me is that I take things too seriously sometimes. I walked all the way down and almost all the way back trying to talk myself into wanting to go into one of them. Listening to a cover band do Neil Young from After The Goldrush lp of the '70's just isn't my idea of what I think of as entertaining while in Thailand and I won't find out what kind of place to go to until I come back another time I'm afraid. So most of the way back and a pretty girl catches my eye and lures me in to her bar, which I quickly realize is deserted and I end up ordering a beer and a "lady drink" for her before I realize just how aggressive she is with crotch fumbling and nipple tweeking and I guzzled the beer and said I was going to look around some more. I beat it and went in search of my dinner which I actually found far more interesting. The whole sex business is really tiresome after a while. It's the pinnacle of pandering.
I noticed tonight that there are all these vendors of garlands of jasmine and an orange flower the name slips my mind at the moment. There are shrines all over that people leave offerings at and I wondered if the garlands were some special festival and was told they are year round. When I went back out without my camera of course I immediately ran into a tiny old woman with a large tray of these flowers on her head. That and I also ran into another elephant. I like them for some reason.
Tomorrow I have to check out of the hotel at noon and find something to do for ten hours. I guess I'll just walk around and take some pictures but ten hours is a long time with airconditioning and somewhere to sit so I'll have to improvise some how. I guess it's time to find a coffee shop with airconditioning where I can hang out for hours at a time if I need to. I doubt I'll be bored, that is a state largely foreign to me thank god.


  1. Pretty is only pretty, but ugly can be beautiful. --Andy Warhol

  2. Hi Peter Ashlock: I hope you get this comment. I was expecting another entry about Beijing, but perhaps it is not coming and you are home and safe in the arms of your friend. I want to thank you for this blog. I do not know if I will ever be in these places and not only that I do not think any of us would know you quite in this way. You reminded me of the need for joy and wonder and adventrue and your photography and descriptions were transporting and consumate. Just remember, the journey does not end just because you are home. You can continue to discover and progress. Just put one foot in front of the other, no matter what. Well, Godspeed. See you in the next life or the next travels or heaven or both. Scotty, beam me up.